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I am Samuel and I am glad to have you here again. I am a Dietitian-Nutritionist, a global citizen and a Nigerian by birth.

Healthynutritiongists is the educative and mass media arm of the Samakapo dietetics and nutrition consultancy. We are dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with uncomplicated, up to date nutrition and health-related, evidence-based nutrition findings, meal ideas and cooking tips.

Samakapo dietetics and nutrition consultancy is so committed to helping you live a better life by improving your physical health condition through your nutrition choices and setting you up for a life full of splendour.

Here on the website and blog, you will be able to find for yourself simple helpful materials to enhance your health. I will recommend you explore the page.


About me 

Being a young boy, I had loved to see people live well, healthy and free from diseases. I'd thought I will be a doctor someday. I knew I hated to see people suffer, especially from things they could easily avoid.

I was born in Nigeria where I also lived and studied from my elementary school all through to my first degree. I later proceeded to India to pursue my master's degree in Dietetic and nutrition.

Since then, I had dedicated most of my life into charity and community services where I educate the locals and everyone willing to listen about the effect and benefits of good nutrition. I show them what impact good foods have on our bodies and overall wellness, especially the whole plant foods.


I take time daily to share my new scientific and practical findings in the field of nutrition and food sciences.

For me, I believe everyone should have access to good nutrition information for their use, and should not necessarily come with a price or membership.

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Journeying into being a Dietitian-Nutritionist

I remember when I lost my father at fifteen years old, I thought within myself, what could have been right that never was? (aside from God's will for man to return to dust after their life)⁠
Seeing him on the hospital bed, lying helpless and at the mercy of the hospital staff for his body's health was not a pleasant one. I returned home from high school for a short break when I had to go visit him and was so devastated by his condition.

Now, I realised if he ate differently for a good number of his days, things could have been different too.

I wished I had this knowledge then, perhaps I could have saved his body from losing function fast. Well, I wanted him to have lived longer.

That incidence soon unconsciously became a drive for me want to study more to save people from dying from diseases they could prevent or even reverse by eating differently and changing a simple daily habit.

Here am I today, and I am glad I have been able to share the gospel of good health through nutrition with thousands of people across the globe. I still hope to share more and make many more people know what power their plate of foods have in healing them.

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