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8, Moses Iguodala street, Shangisha, Lagos, Nigeria.

Healthynutritiongist.ng@gmail.com || +2348066161645

Samuel Akapo



A distinguished nutritionist and dietitian with national and international experiences, serving thousands generously from his wellspring of knowledge in research-based nutrition and diet education. He is the CEO and chief dietitian at Samakapo Dietetic and Nutrition Consultancy LTD. He is passionate and dedicated to nutrition education. He is a consultant and life coach.

Chris Gabriella Rachel. A

Editor, contributor


Rachel is a Bio-technologist by profession and a great teacher by passion. she is the chief editor and also a contributor at Healthynutiritiongists. 

She is also the co-founder of Samakapo Dietetic and Nutrition Consultancy LTD. She is talented and extremely brilliant, with great passion in helping people.

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