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Hurray HNG is 5

For the last five years, Healthynutritiongist has been encouraging many to live healthier and harness the remarkable life present in whole plant foods every day.

What seems to have started in the corner of a praying room is now a world-renowned space and hub for healthy nutrition information and fitness tips.

Since inception, we have been engaging in core duties like therapeutic nutrition consultation, nutrition, lifestyle and fitness assessment as well as disease management. We have successfully coached hundreds of people around the world regarding healthy living and improved lifestyles for disease prevention.

Scientific studies have helped us to identify the most prominent reasons why most of the diseases we experience today and are plaguing humans around the world exists and increase in some instances. All of them have been broadly grouped into these three categories; lifestyle, diet and genetics. The fact that the first two mentioned are very much determined by us, the individuals makes it possible to live with little or no disease in the world, only if we do what we ought to do.

Of the four primitive natures of man, there is a reason why food stands out. Man as a primate has natural instinct for food, sex, shelter and survival. And the way it works is that if food is not available for the man, all of the other aspects would be deficient or the man would be ineffective in life.

Citrus Fruits
Balanced Objects

Again, we see how impactful food can be. Yes, the overindulgence of man in particular unhealthy foods and lifestyles also has been another reason for the rise in diseases in our world today. Understanding this has fuelled and been fuelling our passion to want to share the gospel of healthy nutrition with everyone, so they can also live long healthy lives. No one should be spending their old age managing a disease. That is not pleasurable. Well, it all starts now. 

This is what we believe in at Samakapo Dietetics and we are committed to helping you thrive in the world healthily so that you can also have the right mind to win in other areas of life that matter to you too.

Regardless of our previous achievements and successes, we still believe that we are yet to do greater things by helping more people get liberated from diseases and live healthful lives. We are focused on doing more. We are standing on bigger platforms and sharing our gospel of healthy nutrition with all. Starting with our valuable resources, you can have a balanced knowledge of what it takes to look out for your health.


We are here to help you. 

We are your online nutritionist and dietitian. 

We are your best coach and your favourite cheerleader. 

We are healthynutritiongists.

Cheers to your continued growth with us.

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