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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a 26 years old who is trying to lose fat while also building muscles, what good and sustainable diet should I follow?

Having to build muscles rather than accumulate fats in the body as a young person (male or female) is a great thing to want to do for yourself because of the benefits. To help you achieve this goal very easily and healthily, you will have to stay concentrated on eating the right foods that will not only help you achieve the process but also heal you through the process. They are the whole plant foods. They should be your choicest forms of food for the sake of their high nutrient and caloric values.  Plant foods are seen to help reduce body fats and weights due to many of the properties present in their whole forms especially fibre and the other micronutrients that drive weightloss. While at it also, you will need to focus more on the protein-rich ones also, since muscle building is involved. The likes of legumes, nuts, seeds, grains will be so helpful.

You get to enjoy all three benefits for food. That is having improved health, sustaining growth and having adequate energy for your daily works and strength trainings. All by choosing one eating pattern_ whole plant foods. 

Q: On a normal regular diet, should I avoid wheat because of the gluten too?

As gluten has gained popularity in the nutrition and produce market in about a century now, true knowledge is still needed concerning this food component. Gluten is to be avoided only by people diagnosed with celiac diseases due to the allergic reactions it gives such people when they eat foods that contain gluten. This allergy could range from from mild to chronic. Every other person like you who is not allergic to gluten or not with celiac disease can eat wheat. If you have other reactions after eating foods like wheat or barley, kindly visit the hospital to see your doctor and dietitian.

Q: Can I get diabetes by eating too much of fruits? Banana for example?

Foods with high glycemic index (carbohydrate) levels are responsible for raising blood sugar levels few hours after eating them. Fruits in this category would also behave the same. Pineapples, banana, orange, raisins, dates etc. 

High Glycemic index fruits in themselves do not cause diabetes, but can trigger a crisis when they are mindlessly eaten by a diabetic.

Banana can have a high glycaemic index and eating it does not give you diabetes except if a person has ben at risk of diabetes from other lifestyle and dietary reasons. But it is not the cause of diabetes or any disease caused by it. Talk to your physician for further guidance if needed.


Q: What food can help me lose weight and fat around my tummy?

Fats around the tummy are the most noticeable and can be discouraging for many. Here are a few foods to enjoy to shed them all off.
Whole plant foods should be your most preferred and in ideal portions. Whole foods include; Whole cereals and grains like wheat, rice, barley, millet, oats, corn, etc. Legumes like green peas, beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, favabeans, etc. green leafy vegetables and Fruits, nuts and seeds like cashew nuts, groundnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, sunflower, etc.

Adding some level of exercises at least three times in a week will help trmendously.

Q: Must I do a combination of cardio and weight lifting before I burn body fats?

weight lifting and cardio are some two forms in which exercises could be done. Each with its distinct benefits. You should expend more energies than you consume still remains the mantra for weightloss to be experienced. You can burn energy (calories) with either of them.  Taking the path of cardio and weightlifting will speed up the entire process, as you will also be enjoying the benefit of toning the body while on the weightloss journey.

Q: I have been exercising and still find it difficult to lose bodyweight, what can I do?

Body weight is not going to reduce simply you exercise alone. There are other factors to consider while you wish to lose some body weight. Ensure there are no underlying hormonal disorders (get medical screening), your dietary pattern will need to change from regularly eating heavily processed and fried foods to whole plant foods (with little or no processing done on it). Cut animal foods by half of your regular consumption, then continue with the exercises. 

Q: As an expecting mum, what are the exercises I should be doing if there is a need?

Exercising has also been a very important thing to do during pregnancy for various reasons. Now that you are expectancy, and depending on the trimester you are in, exercise routines for you will be selective and carefully considered by your physician. Meanwhile, on a very general note, exercises like walking, staircase climbing, dancing, swimming, even engaging in house chores too would do. 

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