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6 easy ways to prevent Hypertension forever.

Updated: May 15, 2021

Hypertension is when the force at which the blood flows through or hits the arteries are continuously higher than normal. It is measured using a sphigometer. A continuous high value confirms a high blood pressure in a person.

Hypertension which is otherwise known as high blood pressure is a major killer disease that does not only threaten one's life but that of their loved ones too. The subtility in that again is that there are no obvious physical symptoms like we see in malaria or other diseases. It can only be revealed after a couple of medical checks.

We have long identified the possible causes of high blood pressure in humans. And that includes a couple of unhealthy habits especially our wrong eating habits. Today I will be sharing with you some easy habits to cultivate now that will save your body from this deadly disease.

"Natural prevention for hypertension"

So what are the things you can do to naturally prevent the rising of blood pressure at whatever age you are?

In building a formidable defence against high blood pressure and other diseases that high blood pressure can bring like heart diseases, stroke, organ damage, etc., you need to have a "lifestyle change."

Here are a few things you should start with to engage in a lifestyle change.

1. Cut down and eventually cut out on all animal foods.

Many of us were trained to eat animal foods as we grew. A lot of unjust traditional essences has been attached to eating them. But evidential research has shown that these same animal foods have been the major triggers for increased pressure in the blood. Animal foods would include meats (like pork, beef, mutton, chicken etc), dairy, eggs, fish, sausages etc.

Hence, to prevent yourself from the dangers that come with a raised blood pressure, you should really begin to reduce your meats and other animal consumption and eventually stop them.

2. Quit smoking and drinking

consumption of alcohol and other stimulants in form of cigarette and so on has been seen to raise a person's risk of having high blood pressure. Alcohol is responsible for obesity which leads in most cases to hypertension, and other related diseases like stroke, cancer, kidney damage, heart diseases and other organ failures.

It is wise that one cut free from this habit and save their life from the crisis.

3. Eat more whole foods.

Whole plant foods offer a huge amount of health benefits to the body as much as they offer preventive measures. Whole foods are very beneficial in preventing hypertension due to their various nutrients that protect the body and stands to boost defence. All this is possible because they are "whole" in their forms. No or very little nutrient is lost.

The legumes and pulses, cereals and grains, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables; in their variations are very effective in doing this.

"The things you eat today play a major role in the diseases that you are faced with or the ones averted in the years to come." Go for plants.

4. Be more active

You cannot take away physical exercise from your lifestyle. It has to always feature because it does its own part in ensuring that the whole body is fully functioning at its best.

A person who does not exercise or stay active is called sedentary. When you sit in a place for over 5 hours at a stretch, you are becoming sedentary at that moment. So learn to always take a break and walk around your class, office, house, park or anywhere you are that may require you to be there for a long time. Likewise, deliberately create time for exercising. At least for 30 minutes, 3 times a week. You can always do more.

5. Always take time to rest properly.

An old colleague was complaining of not being productive as assessed by his manager although he burns himself day and night literally at his job. The moment I recommended that he increase his rest (sleep) time and do no other thing than that, he experienced an increase in concentration that led to a better performance at his personal life and his job. Simply, he was healthier.

Sleep is necessary for the body's repair and relaxation. Stress is a damaging phenomenon to the body. And it does affect a person's blood pressure too. I recommend that you also take your sleep and relaxation seriously.

6. Get screened regularly

You can only be confirmed to be with hypertension (high blood pressure) when your blood pressure reading is over 140/90 mmHg after multiple checks at different times. So, you can check even in your local clinic, health centre or pharmacy. Just make sure you are in a relaxed mode when checking. And make it a point of duty to check every quarter of after every 6 months.

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