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Dietitian Samuel Akapo

Diet counselling and disease management

With our therapeutic approach led by evidence-based knowledge of food, nutrition and physiology, we will help you manage, and reverse the non-communicable disease that you could have been fighting all by yourself to no avail.

Diabetes, arthritis, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, organ diseases, etc. 

Here is where the pain and suffering ends. 


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Fitness and lifestyle coaching

With easy lifestyle changes and approach, you can be able to win every battle against all of the lifestyle diseases plaguing humans today.

For whatever reason you might choose to stay fit (professionally or on a regular) and practice healthy habits, we are here to hold you by the hands to achieve your fitness and healthy lifestyle goal.


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Food and nutrition education

Engage in both private and public nutrition and health education sessions for groups, corporate bodies, associations, conferences, seminars, etc.