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How to engage with the environment for your wellness.

The earth is realised to have been undoubtedly created and designed to support life and encourage living. Looking around you daily, you will realise how everything made is seriously interdependent, and importantly more efficient when they interact rather than when they try to exist independently. The plants are made to survive by the daily rising and setting of the sun, the animals and even humans benefit tremendously from the existence of various plant species and in various places. As a matter of fact, everything was made to ensure that our existence on this earth was possible and with ease.

It is interesting to know that your own wellness is dependent on that of your environment. The healthier your environment, the healthier you will also be. It does not matter where you live or what race you belong to, if your environment is not in order or healthy, your health too will soon take the same shape as your environment.

There are seven dimensions to wellness; Physical wellness, vocational wellness, intellectual wellness, spiritual wellness, environmental wellness, financial wellness, social wellness. Your wellness isn't just about an absence of disease in your body. The environmental dimension, as we will be describing here, has to do with you living in harmony with the part of the earth where you are located and getting to understand how our interactions with her impact our immediate environment, and the earth at large. Having a sustainable and healthy environment begins with you making a conscious and healthy decision towards it.

Many of us engage our environment differently these days. As much as industrialisation has come to change the way we did things and in so many areas caused a major impact on our environment, we still have certain individual roles to play in making the earth less hurt.

As humans whose primary foods come from plants, we need to do extra in ensuring that we have the best from the plants that supply nutrients to us. Our body is consistently nourished with nutrients that are naturally developed from the soil up into the plants which eventually become our food. This is also the same way livestock gets nourished.

Here are a few things you can do to improve the sustainability of the earth, especially your immediate environment.

Keep the greens green. Mow your lawns and use the grass as compost and feed.

Eat plant foods, not food made in production plants. They are the nutrient sources of our body, not junk foods. Enjoy local produce in order to get the best of the crops and to support the farmers. Connect with the earth.

Take a walk, jog and do other exercises or activities around your neighbourhood daily. The hills, valleys, waters and dry land, has for long been explored and used as a way of staying active and being one with nature. You can schedule vacations to the countrysides if you live in the cities.

Use reusable shopping bags every time. Reduce the regular use of plastic or paper bags. You can always get your earth-friendly shopping bags and take them with you when going for your shopping, to save plastic bags.

Ensure you use reusable bottles and plates always. Glass and stainless would be better choices. Although fishing activities and the wastes they generate cause more harm to the aquatic bodies than plastic uses, yet let us save plastics from being the culprit most talked about.

Always turn off your tap when you are in the process of brushing. Spend less time in the shower. Save water, save the earth.

Electricity has been a major part of our daily lives, but when it is not in active use, turn it off at all times. It will save the earth and also save your expenses.

Ensure you always give your old items for recycling. Recycle your plastics, clothes, shoes, etc. instead of burning them in incinerators.

Humans are also a part of your environment. So make sure you cut off or excuse toxic people from your circle. The pessimistic and naysayers should also not have a place around you because soon you will become like them.

Have people that support you and your goals around you. Be surrounded by positive people and friends with positive vibes. Those that can share your vision and support your academic, financial, family, professional dreams. Positivities attract goodness all day.

Avoid anger and being with people who are easily angered. It hurts you more. It costs you your peace freely given to your soul, and you are soon restless which will destabilise everything you have, even your health.

Be loving, respectful and kind to yourself. It will help you do the same for others. Be conscious to excuse yourself when you see people around you disrespecting others.

We are in a digital age, so, reduce the number of printed mails you receive. Better still unsubscribe from some junk mailing lists that just occupies your mailbox for no use every week.

If by chance you get to generate wastes other than general wastes in your home or offices, be kind enough to label them according to their categories and dispose of them in three respective places. You can contact your local waste management companies to guide you better. Please do not trash garbage on the street or in drainages, especially toxic ones.

Be the change you desire to see in the world. When you realise that everything that goes on in it comes back to impact your health, directly and indirectly, I guess you will be inspired to live better and in harmony with your environment.


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