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6 everyday healthy breakfast options

The major essence of the food we eat is to supply nutrients to the body regardless of the time we are eating them.

These nutrients are what determines your state of health and wellness, regardless of your race, gender, age, status, etc.

This validates the reason why it is necessary to eat. Hence, understanding this will help you to know what to eat and why.

Here are a few things I have to say about having a meal at the beginning of the day, otherwise known as "breakfast"

While there are many speculations as to if you should have breakfast or not, let me share with you a number of things you need to know about eating in the morning.

In the part of the world where I have come from, I see many people struggle with breakfast and literally talk about how difficult it is to decide which dish should go in as breakfast or other meals.

Here I have outlined a few things to note in deciding what to eat and some very healthy options too.


As many research and studies have revealed the "never-ending" list of benefits breakfast does, you should know this that many of those benefits are also dependent on the lifestyle of the individual.

A) There is a rhythm your body follows daily. Sleep-wake time (circadian rhythm), food metabolism time which signals for nutrient replenishment.

The body would request to be replenished each morning, seeking energy and nutrients for the brain and muscle functioning.

B) Breakfast is good for starting your day on an energetic note, providing a good start for the day as it supplies energy and nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fats).

It also helps you to reduce any chance of binge eating or having eating disorders.

When the body misses that energy from food at the start of the day, it tends to be slow, zapped out, easily exhausted and less productive.

C) Breakfast does not make everyone sleepy. Rather, your idleness does.

D) Your body and every system (including the digestive system) wakes up to work as soon as you are up each day. They function more efficiently and faster as the day breaks, and reduces as the night falls.

This is a reason why I recommend that nutritious foods be eaten early enough and throughout the day.

Some people might say they don't feel like eating some mornings. But when you follow your body's ideal circadian time schedule and eating pattern, you will want to eat breakfast every day.

Only breakfast is not the most important thing to do daily, but to have a healthy meal all day long. Every day's meal is important. And breakfast is just another great time to also get in some real nutritious foods.

E) Always look out for plant-based foods. The many benefits of having breakfast are in most cases due to the effect of whole plant foods being in the menu.

These whole plant foods keep you full for longer and prevent you from heavy hunger that will cause you to carelessly eat those high-fat, high-sugar foods.

Having whole plant foods at breakfast reduces risks of high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, certain cancers and many more.

Here are a number of healthy foods to try out and incorporate as breakfast options

1. Oats

Oats are a super food and great meal option for many reasons. They are rich sources of energy, macro and micro nutrients. They serve as a good energy boost for the day, improving your mood as well.

Oats are found to be helpful in reducing risks of diabetes, obesity, constipation, cancers, heart diseases, etc.

Oats also contain antioxidants that help to increase nitric acid production which in turn surpresses hypertension by improve blood circulation around the body.

Their fibres are seen to be really helpful in reducing bad cholesterol and improving the health as they also increase bulk in solid waste excretion and help to reduce actions of free radicals in the body.

Enjoy a bowl with your fruit toppings

2. Fruits and fruits salad

The outstanding phytochemicals, minerals and array of vitamins that are abundantly present in various fruits and vegetables has made them all unique and stand out. Fruits supply nutrients in their most natural state and is one of the fastest way to have them locked in.

Having fruits in their very raw states has been linked with numerous health benefits due to the vitamins, fibre, minerals, phytonutrients available in them. They are a good way to kickstart your nutrient absorption for the day.

A fruit bowl for breakfast is a really good option.

Regardless of your gender, age, nature of work or activity level, you might need to eat more fruits and vegetables except in serious medical conditions where your healthcare team (which includes a dietitian) will guide you on how to best have them.

3. Bread toast with avocado spread

Bread being a very common food made from flours gotten from wheat is also a good source of energy that not only provides energy through glucose for your works but also glucose for your brain.

Whole grain breads are quite recommended for their high nutritious content and prolonged sateity.

What you pair your bread with also matters. So other than the traditional processed mayonnaise, fruit jams, or butter, you should enjoy them with some avocado spread.

You can make your avocado spread yourself and at anytime. They are more nutrient dense and beneficial than your processed spreads. Peanut spread in light quantity too will do.

4. Whole grains with stir

Whole grains would include barley, buckwheat, brown rice, oats, corn, quinoa, whole grain pasta, etc.

They render a wide range of benefits in the body and especially the gastrointestinal system where they pass through. Studies have revealed how they help to reduce inflammation, help with body weight management and improving heart health.

Having them provides a great boost of energy and nutrient to start the day with and stay consistent all through.

5. Vegetable salads and tubers

Vegetables including green leaves, roots and tubers are another great options.

They also supply the adequate nutrients in their wholeness for the day. Potatoes, yams, cocoyam, vegetable salads will improve your efficiency and activeness as they supply a good amount of energy and vitamins required for the day.

The fibre-rich nature of this group also makes less portion very satisfying and keep you full for a really long period.

Another way to curb junk cravings is to eat whole foods that will keep you satiated for long, avoiding refined foods.

6. Smoothie options

Smoothies are a quick way to get foods right in. You can enjoy a blend of your fruits, vegetables and a whole lot more food groups in a glass.

For their smooth and easy nature, many people have loved to rather have their fruits and vegetables in this form.

As much as one might be loving this, it is a subtle way of consuming additional calories if not checked and may slow down weight loss for a person trying to loose weight.

Hence, you should not mix beyond portions and understand the nutritional and caloric content of each food being mixed.


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