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How To Manage High Blood Pressure

Updated: Apr 27

I am sure you also think that this topic is ideal for aged people or those above fifty years old. Well, I am sorry to burst your bubble, because even younger adults are now being consistently diagnosed with high blood pressure. High blood pressure is diagnosed when a person's blood pressure reading goes over 120/80 after a repeated check.

No doubt, many people are roaming the streets, waving past you across the road, and still showing up at work without knowing they are walking around with high blood pressure.

Your ideal blood pressure should be between 90/60 - 120/80 and anything over this is worth serious attention.

Interestingly, there is no exact symptom for identifying high blood pressure. That is why we recommend that you take a routine check of your vital signs (blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, blood tests, etc).

How to naturally manage hypertension

A few things to do when you realise your blood pressure is high are;

1. Cut down on your salt consumption.

Salt, especially whole ones like sea salt and Himalayan salt are generally filled with more elements than the regular table salt that only contains sodium and chloride ions. Salt is needed by the body for a series of chemical and functional purposes, as well as replenishing electrolyte losses. But when there is a case of hypertension, all salts, especially common table salt is to be consumed less. This may mean cooking your meals without salt or a very less amount of salt.

About half a teaspoon of salt is the daily recommendation for a normal adult. So you can imagine how much beyond that we have been eating daily from several packed and factory-preserved foods. Sodium (salt) is also generously added to packaged and canned foods, seasoning cubes and powders to preserve them. Instead, use natural spices and herbs in making those delicious dishes, and avoid having ultra-processed foods. Animal foods like chicken, pork, beef, sausages and other meats as well as their products are another high source of sodium in the diet. You should also look into removing all animal foods from your meals to be able to restore your blood pressure to normalcy before it damages other body organs and impair efficiency.

2. You should eat more fruits and vegetables.

The elevated blood pressure is a sign that you have not been having enough plant foods, which contain substances that help you get rid of toxins, and clear your arteries and cellular invaders.

Fibres which are particularly in abundance in fruits and vegetables are beneficial in helping you reduce your blood pressure and balance it as it helps clear your clogged arteries. In the case of clogged arteries and anomalies, soluble fibres are instrumental in clearing any residual fat or plaque along the arteries. This will improve circulation and reduce blood pressure. You should enjoy your Whole plant foods, every day.

The benefits of plant foods, especially those eaten raw are tremendous.

Against the pharmaceutical plans never to let you know you can live healthily with your plant foods, I am here to help you see that light.

3. Eat more Unsaturated fats.

Unsaturated fats are those present in pure vegetable oils like sunflower oil, olive oil, mustard seed oil, avocado, and nuts.

They have been identified to help our body eliminate the bad fats (trans fats) which can block our arteries and lead to an increased pressure flow of blood. Olive oil and coconut oil, and African red palm oil are more recommended for consumption than any other forms of oil.

When next you are shopping for your vegetable oil, look out for the nutritional label, and ensure you have almost zero trans fat and cholesterol. And more value for unsaturated fatty acid content. Also, remember to eat less oil always.

4. Build a habit to exercise regularly.

Exercising has been seen not only to increase your immunity against pathogens and other cellular invaders that may want to knock your body down, but they also help you to increase blood flow along all paths and help your body to rapidly eliminate all toxins as they also increase your metabolism. A sedentary lifestyle does no good at all. Be active, stay active.

5. Cut the sources.

In getting off your hypertensive pills, or becoming free from that silent killer, you need to deal with it from the source. That is what holistic health is about. In this case, saturated fats which are chiefly present in animal foods are to be excluded from your plates. Likewise, the consistent consumption of alcohol and smoking wrecks the body with every sip and puff.

Various studies have shown the connection between animal foods and their saturated fat content with high blood pressurConsuminging animal foods, alcohol and smoking regularly will always lead to health issues. It starts from a high blood cholesterol count to high blood pressure, to heart diseases, organ failure, stroke, cognitive decline, and so on.

It is good to grow old, but not just to spend the whole old age managing diseases.

Take the right choice today. Live right. Eat right. Live Healthily.

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