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Habits that destroy your health.

Health and wellness is an aspect of our lives that determines a whole lot in it. Health cuts across several dimensions, but the dimension that anchors the others is the physical dimension. The physical dimension has to do with the presence or absence of diseases in the body and how you are dealing with them, fitness and agility and what you are doing to maintain it. There are quite a number of things that we all do that unconsciously hurts our bodies and puts us at risk of being diseased.

Let us look at a number of those habits that we often do that hurts our body more than we ever thought.

1. Avoiding fresh vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are naturally loaded with nutrients that support health and wellness. They are an essential source of many micro and macronutrients like vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. These compounds are responsible for supplying major micronutrients that improve the body's functioning, improving the immune system, serve as roughages, provide moisture and water, reduce the risk of organ diseases and damages, achieving electrolyte balance, etc. Many people who eat up to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables daily are meeting their daily recommendations, and they are seen to be more nourished and healthy.

Study shows that people who eat healthier are happier because they are healthy. This also reveals the benefit of fruits and vegetables to our mood and emotion. you can decide to have a fruit and or vegetable with every meal to start. Baby steps add up.

2. Drinking sodas and eating sugar.

Soft drinks or sodas are very popular for their fizzy appearances and sweet tastes in many different flavours. As easy as it is to grow dependence on them, the health complications that come with it also goes higher. Sugars are a major component of soda. Sugar and other artificial sweeteners. Drinking more sodas puts you at a greater risk of developing obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, acid reflux (GERD), etc. Soda drinks like cola contain phosphate which is responsible for impairing kidney functions. Since your body finds it difficult to excrete excess phosphates in it.

3. Drinking alcohol

The one drink that has adverse effects over every part of your body and is liable to drop a disease or more in every area. The psychological feeling of relaxation and comfort that many claims to have is just a pun on the mind. I do not see what strikes in the stomach relaxing or a form of relaxation. Alcohol is very corrosive and highly inflammatory. From the moment it gets into the stomach, it has the ability to bruise the stomach lining, making the person a potential stomach cancer patient. Since it is liquid, it has a very high absorption rate and it soon makes its way into the blood and faster into every part of the body including the brain. Intoxication is your brain's popular way of saying "I am dying". There are better ways to relax if you choose to relax and wind off, not by hurting yourself from within.

4. Being dehydrated

Water is an essential component of the human body. Dehydration by definition is when the free water loss is greater than the free water intake. This is possible by not drinking enough water, or losing fluids through rigorous exercises and environmental temperature, diseases, etc., and is not replaced. Water is responsible for giving some oxygen to the body to support life just like you are breathing. A dehydrated body is without adequate oxygen, fatigued, pale, having a disruption in metabolic processes, and general discomfort. You can choose to drink more water daily. Drink at least 3 litres to get properly hydrated every day. Enjoying coconut water is another way to lock both water and helpful electrolytes into your system.

5. Not eating whole plant foods

Whole foods are highly rich in nutrients and components that support the body's health in ways that no other food or supplement can. Foods in their whole forms carry the fullness of nutrients like fibre, lots of vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrates and phytonutrients that help the body to function optimally and repair damages where necessary. Whole plant foods include foods of all classes like legumes, cereals and grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices. They possess the ability and potential to prevent and reverse many lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, migraine, cancers, hypertension, diabetes, organ damages and so on. One way to get holistically healthy and well is to eat whole foods as your regular staple and be consistent at doing that to get the best of plant foods.

6. Eating more salty and fatty foods

Excess salt and increased fat have been a major part of our diet in the world today. This is because of how our diets have been westernised and highly processed. Many of the food we eat these days are either loaded with high fats, or sodium (a component of salt). From the fries to the packages chips, sweets, animal foods and their products, chocolates, biscuits, pastries etc. Processed and pre-packaged foods are very high in saturated fats and salt content which are responsible for increasing our chances of being sick with obesity, diabetes, stroke, cancers, hypertension, organ damage and so on. The act of snacking randomly on sausage rolls, chips and other packaged foods harms the body more than the instant gratification we may enjoy for a moment.

7. Not being physically active

A lack of physical activity or planned exercises also leaves the body weaker and less efficient over time. The essence of staying active transcends the body but reaches the mind. Being active improves your mood and sets you up for positive feelings and vibes all through. Aside from improving your agility and smartness, exercising helps to reduce the risks of being sick with diseases like obesity, brain damage, organ failures, diabetes, high blood pressure among others. You can engage yourself in walking, jogging, swimming, playing a sport, and so on, the drill is just to get yourself active every day.

8. Not connecting with nature.

A big part of our life and emotion feels safe and one with nature whenever we have access to being around some of them. The world has fast developed with many countrysides and reserves now turned to smart cities. Taking time out to relax at beaches, parks and game reserves fills the natural void of nature and helps to clear and unclog our minds from worries. It is good that you take some time to unwind from the busyness of the world and connect with nature and art.

9. Avoiding socialising

I have heard of people who are anti-social, but the fact still stands that many people who are social have better health, and they tend to live longer. Connecting with friends and loved ones in person, beyond the social media level is what does the magic. This raises your dopamine and serotonin levels to ensure that your heart rates are perfect and organs function optimally each time you hang out. So choose to randomly call friends for some dinner or hang out at the park. It lifts the soul.

10. Lack of meditation and adequate rest

Talking about the wonders of meditating and having some alone time; gives clarity to your heart and precision to your decisions. You can choose to meditate at any time of the day that is convenient t you. Although some experts recommend meditating early in the mornings to set the day right and in right motion, and in the evenings after each day's events, to analyse the day and put your mind to do things better the coming day. Rest can come in form of sleep or alone time. Whichever way, you choose to do it right and adequately. Just as not doing any of these increases your risk of being cranky and unproductive most times and eventually living a scattered life. Take time to meditate, analyse and rest well.


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