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How to get and maintain a lean body

Getting a better physique has not been any easier or more achievable than it is in these present times. Although many factors may stand in the way of this desire, however, with the right knowledge and information, you just can pull through very easily. The background idea is to have very minimal fat stored in your body cells and to have more muscles instead. Many more people by the day are desiring to get a better physique for various reasons. But the most important is to do it right and without adverse side effects.

Now, let us look at a few ways to get a lean body mass effortlessly and healthily.

Have the right mindset.

You cannot desire to live in a luxurious apartment while having a peasant earning or mentality. You should know that building a lean body requires your effort and time. It will not perfectly happen in three weeks, but being consistent for three weeks will go a long way in adding up to the overall result. In as much as you want to smash the goal in no time, realise that your body needs more than a month to take the full shape and form you dream of. Therefore the turtle mentality is most required at this point. You need to know that slow and steady will win the race. It is a journey of a lifetime where every step and action add up immensely. You will not have to be in a hurry, but you have to put in the work every day.

Don't waste your money on pills that never work healthily.

In the mainstream and social media today, numerous vendors and companies are out there selling out series of products to many, promising them a thing or the other. The most recent episode I had with a patient that was referred to me was on how she had spent a fortune buying a set of products from this company that promised her that she would be having a trimmer body and waistline in two months. It has been over six months since she got the products and she is yet to drop half a pound let alone have a trimmer waist. Those things only enrich the vendors. Save your monies.

Eat health-supporting foods

The only foods that can be called "bad" or "unhealthy" are those that do not support a progressively healthy body. Foods that will increase your risk of acid reflux, increased blood pressure, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, organ distress and overwork are usually not recommended for all. Interestingly, all of these symptoms and complications are reasons why a person seem to have ill health and increased weight over time. Many of the foods that are responsible for these problematic symptoms are mostly animal foods. Foods from the animal kingdom like meats, fish, eggs, dairy, sausages, etc. They are the reasons why many unhealthy conditions occur and are so rampant in humans. As a dietitian-nutritionist, "I have been recommending healthy foods to people other than the diseases-causing foods fondly eaten in today's world" says Samuel Akapo, lead dietitian at SamakapoDietetics. Many foods in today's world are disease-causing, and they are the ones that occupy your billboards and keep coming on repeat in your television and social media adverts. They are about the money, not your wellness. The next point reveals the right foods you can eat to achieve a lean body faster.

Eat whole plant foods

Whole plant foods are the single most enriching foods in the world. They are loaded with nutrients and vitality that fuel and improves the body's health daily. The process of growing them (plant foods) unto maturity is believed by many to be the process of preparation or cooking. Many of the whole plant foods can be eaten fresh and raw; straight from the farm or gardens to your plate. Some would require cooking with the use of heat at various levels and duration. Whole plant foods are the most recommended foods for a lean body and maintaining a healthy body. They contain nutrients that resonate with health in the body. The body is able to heal and grow using the many nutrients supplied by the whole foods, as it stands to support the body in preventing the growth of diseases and maintain a healthy weight as well.

Costa Rica has the highest number of centenarians (those who live up to age hundred and more), with fewer non-communicable diseases. This has been seen to be due to a couple of reasons like their diet (whole foods), increased physical activity, presence of loved ones and so on. Whole plant foods are the secret reasons why there are many long-livers (people living up to a hundred years and beyond) in costa-Rica and some parts of Africa and Japan. They are native to eating whole foods like corn, fruits and vegetables, sorghum, wheat, barley, rice, potatoes, yam, etc., with little or no meat at all. Aside from a few age-related diseases, they are still as energetic and bright in their appearance and mind. Many studies have been able to attribute this to their increased activity level and dietary choices.

Stay active

Many studies which looked at the relationship between exercises and having a lean body mass have concluded that exercising is one important factor to shedding off extra weights and maintaining a toned and lean body. Physical activity for a lean and toned body would consist of not only cardio routines but you will be required to include some strength and weight training for a better result. Simple strength and weighted training like callisthenics are just fine for a beginner. You can engage in simple routines like push-ups, plank, dips, crunches, sit-ups, jumping jacks and so on even in your living room or bedroom.

The working of physical activity or exercising has been seen over the years to benefit not only the body, but also the mind. Clarity, increased concentration, improved attention span and memory, better mood and feeling, increased sense of accomplishment, improved self-esteem, are part of the benefits seen in people who exercise more often. At least three times a week. Another journal also records how depression risk is cut by over forty per cent in people who are more active in exercising. There are many scientific validations to the fact of how exercising promotes health and improve physique.

Rest adequately.

In order to have a lean body and maintain it, rest is essential. Rest, which could be in form of relaxation or sleep is an essential part of gaining a lean body because it will provide the right atmosphere which your body would need to repair and heal itself using the food and nutrients eaten. Take a good interest in rest time. do not overwork yourself daily. Make sure you have enough rest and sleep whenever you can.

Be consistent with all points raised.

It is said that without determination you cannot start; without discipline, you cannot continue; and without consistency, you cannot finish strong or see encouraging results. Consistency is the very anchor that will drive in the results desired when you stay committed to the desire to get and maintain a lean body. In most cases, the end goal always makes the motivation to continue with all we have discussed above. Find more tips to stay consistent here.

But how much time is required before you begin to see obvious results? In my opinion, I will recommend that you do not get obsessed by how long it will take but when you stay true to the process, you will eventually get to your goal. The pace is different for everyone for reasons like gender, race, or even genetic make-up. But in about sixty days, you will see many obvious results both on the scale and off the scale. It takes time to build because your body would need some time to adjust to the new normal. Then the rest depends on your drive and determination. You will get results based on how devoted you will be.

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