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How To Lose Weight Fast.

Updated: Jun 16

Here is the first case scenario; You go on the internet to search out the things needed to lose your body weight. Very generous search engines will overload you with countless information. Yes, you copied a number of this information and decided to implement them. Just because you are you, you could not continue with the strategy after the fourth day. Then, we conclude in our discouraged mind that “some things are not for everybody”. Is this you?

Second case scenario; You are suggested with ads that will entice you to give your hard or soft earned monies to them in order to help you. Oh, how generous.

You never considered the subject of the writer, who he is writing for and what pedigree he or she has to be writing about weight loss or whatever thing. What approach is it they will be working with or what truth do they know about the real issue you are facing with your weight loss journey?

Third case scenario; your friend's supposed success at starving herself to lose weight felt like something you too can do (since you claim you never liked to eat so much). All to get that bikini-worthy size 8 body or to go topless at the beach. But two days into eating a slice of bread and an apple the whole day got you into the hospital after fainting at work. Don't kill yourself, my friend

Not every information on the knowledge space of the internet is for you. Not every diet or lifestyle trend gives the same result to everyone. You need a unique strategy and plan that will work just for you because, in the field of nutrition or health sciences, no one cap fits all. Your physician or nutritionist should be able to tailor a plan and lifestyle that will work uniquely for you. This is why you should consult a professional who went to school to study the patterns of healing the body. We are here.

Ways To Lose Body Weight.

If you want to lose some bodyweight which will mean removing more fats and retained water from the body, and keeping them away forever from now, these are what you should be doing;

weightloss food

1. Know yourself. What you eat and drink always.

You need to always be aware of yourself and whatever it is that you put into your body at every time. You need to be so aware of your eating habits and what things you eat. This is the first thing you will need to know. This will help you to give a detailed history of your food diary, eating pattern or style. Having this information will help both you and the nutritionist evaluate your diet. Doing this will help you get better at being conscious of what goes into your body. Starving yourself is a way to lose weight, but it cannot be sustained. You will be deficient in many important food nutrients because you decide not to eat. This is totally unhealthy.

Dietitian Samuel smiling warmly

2. Talk to a nutritionist to get a lifestyle plan.

Nutritionists are those professionals who help you assess the healthiness of your meals and ensure that you get the highest nutritional benefit of food for your wellness. Nutritionists and dietitians work alike and they both do the same under an oath of practice. Talking with a dietitian-nutritionist will not only provide you with a holistic approach to your weight loss journey, but it will also put you in safe hands. It is important you consider that losing weight is just an aspect of your health. In fact, it is a fraction of what your wellness entails. Although it saves a lot of trouble when you are not overweight. Therefore, other aspects of your health need not suffer when you are trying to lose body weight. You can choose to visit a private practising dietitian-nutritionist or those in the hospital facilities. We all got the same training and are continuing to. Your nutritionist and dietitian will ensure that you do not starve yourself and become more deficient in nutrients because you are trying to lose weight. He or she will walk you through everything needed, nutrient-wise, and recommend to you other lifestyle changes required for your holistic wellness as you reach every goal intended. Of course with regular checks and follow-ups.

3. Practice and do them.

Do you know this saying that “without actions, dreams are only wishes”? And of course, no one gets anything by mere wishing. Forget the fairytale stories we all read while growing up, they were only fiction. In this space, actions are what brings every dream and expectation into reality.

Now that you have decided to do it right and consult with a dietitian-nutritionist, and are recommended with a number of things to do, foods to eat, as well as to avoid those that may impair your progress and success, what is then expected of you is to DO them. Nothing is truly hard or difficult. I believe only your willingness to do anything makes them turn out to be difficult or easy. Living with a disease is difficult, waking up early to start your day with some helpful routines also may be difficult depending on which difficulty you choose to live with. You are only a product of your actions and inactions.

4. Be patient. It will come.

Working to lose excess body weight the healthy way will take some time (not a long time), but you have to enjoy the process and be patient for the consistent manifestation of the result you desire. The excess fats in the body and stretched out skin did not develop or form in one week or month, so don’t expect it to disappear in record time. Yes, a week and month's consistency in keeping up with your meal plans and lifestyle modifications will obviously produce changes in your body and on its appearance.

Emphasis on “healthy way”. There are countless random options and how not to do weight loss in circulation. But sticking with the plan and strategy that your nutritionist and coach suggest will get you through healthily and with an improved behavioural approach to life and wellbeing. Patience is a virtue that you should develop for yourself at this point even when you do not see so much difference on the weighing scale after week two or four. This will lead you to look out for other pointers.

Woman Exercising

5. Non-scale victories

Having understood that the numbers on the weighing scale might not totally interpret what is going on within the body and should not use the scale as the only yardstick to measure our progress, I will be showing you other things you can look out for and begin to observe as you go on in your journey. I call them the "non-scale victories".

Things you should look out for in your weight loss journey aside from reading the weighing scale are

  • Your improved mood and alertness.

  • Increased concentration levels.

  • Garments begin to loosen. Clothes fit better

  • Constant increased energy level.

  • Less fatigue and sores.

  • Light feeling and agility.

  • Eating without feeling guilty.

  • Strength is improved.

  • Fewer cravings for sweets and junk.

  • Everyone else noticing your physique progress but you.

  • Better at choosing healthy food options wholeheartedly.

  • Improved blood work results.

  • Better restful sleep.

  • Sharper mind

6. Celebrate every win. Don't compare. Do your own work.

With the understanding of the several other things to look out for in the course of your journey, you can set little goals and check the boxes after they’re achieved. With as little as fitting into an old dress or being able to now jog for two more minutes. These may seem little but you position your mind to reach for more successes. You are on your own lane and covering every lap based on your stride. You are not competing, so don’t compare. Just ensure you do all that is needful. Get back on track and continue from where you fell whenever you go overboard. It is a part of the journey. Rewarding yourself with gifts wouldn’t be a bad idea too.

happy lady

7. Remember it is a lifestyle. It never ends.

I am very pleased to inform you that this path you desire to thread for your health's sake is a lifestyle. That means it is a way of living. As long as you live, the way of life should be followed for optimum wellness.

Nothing stops even when you hit your target weight. For you to achieve healthy weight loss and sustain a healthy body (weight inclusive) you will need to embrace the lifestyle. By now you would already know it is neither difficult nor is it burdensome. It is just the real “awakening”. A life of better understanding of health and wellness.

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