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5 Reasons why you should drink more water daily.

Updated: Jun 19

When we talk about healthy beverages and fluids, it takes many people a lot of time to remember that water is a fluid and the healthiest in that category. No beverage beats the benefits of water in the body. Aside haven covering most of the planet's surface, it also makes up 60% of our body. Water needs in the body are not quantifiable, which is why it is of essence to know what you will be missing when you do not have enough. Every part of the body needs water.

Man drinking water

At every moment of the day, we lose water through several automated, involuntary processes in the body like urination, breathing, passing out solid wastes, and perspiration. These processes occur as a result of our body functions. For the body to continue to function efficiently, there is a need for replenishing its water supply. We can only do this by consuming foods and beverages that contain more water.

Why You Must Drink More Water Daily

Here are some healthy reasons why you need to drink more water daily.

1. For efficient transportation of nutrients, oxygen and other substances.

The blood is the major transport system of the body. The blood is chiefly composed of water. Slightly less than 80%. Therefore water is very instrumental in delivering nutrients and biochemical components throughout the body. Water contains two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen. Oxygen is readily made available for cellular functions. Water also makes saliva present in the mouth for savouring nutritious meals and for digestive reasons.


2. Renal efficiency and improved waste removal.

The kidney is saddled with various biochemical functions. The kidneys are enhanced when there is enough water to push out the waste products that are filtered from the blood. The kidneys perform other options like balancing the body's electrolytes and controlling blood pressure. Kidney damage can arise when there is no adequate water to push out trapped wastes and crystals that could form stones in the kidney.

Water is the primary component of urine and helps to bind together solid waste for easy excretion. Relieves constipation, and prevents stomach ulcers too. Perspiration or sweating is also responsible for removing salty fluids through the skin.

3. Lubricating joints and cushioning the brain.

Have you sometimes felt a sharp headache before and after taking in some 2-3 glasses of water you suddenly felt relief? That was the brain being thirsty. The brain has most of its weight as water. A whole 77% of the brain is composed of water, and being the seat of the nervous system, it would always need to be hydrated as well as fed with the right nutrition. Water is needed.

Chiropractor Joint correction

Joints are not just independent and you will not know how much the joints help in keeping you upright until there is an ache or pain. Hydration is one beautiful way to keep your joints lubricated and function excellently. In the case of being overweight, losing some weight will help to reduce pressure on the joints and bones altogether.

4. For maintaining body temperature.

The body temperature is maintained chiefly by the presence and activity of water and other factors in a healthy person. Heat stress occurs when there is little or no water storage in the body, the system heats up and symptoms like dizziness may occur. Water is stored in the middle layer of the skin to always cool the skin when the temperature is high. It is very beneficial during sports and other physical activities too.

Woman drinking water

5. Enhances weight loss and boosts performance.

Evidence of science and studies have confirmed that drinking more water will help lose some of the body weight for those who desire to. Drinking a few glasses of water before your meal will help you to eat less, thereby ingesting less amount of calories that will help you lose weight. That would mean having more water and unsweetened teas. Not sodas and alcohol since they have exceptionally high caloric content. The ultimate rule to weight loss is still; calories input must be less than calories output. Having more water which is zero calories is a great way to cut extra calories and lose some good weight.

Water also helps to improve exercise performance. Athletes and anyone engaging in any form of exercise are encouraged to always replenish their water supply to restore strength and improve performance in between exercises.

In what other forms can I consume water aside from plain water?


Interestingly, plain water or beverages are not the only means by which our body receives water. The body gets hydration through food too. Eating foods that have high water content also helps to hydrate the body. Watermelon, papaya, spinach and other green leafy vegetable, oranges, pineapple, sweet melons, and a bunch of others have water as about 80% of their composition. Eating these types of fruits and vegetables will also increase water availability in the body as it provides additional vital nutrients.

Child eating watermelon fruit

Foods cooked by broiling and stewing can also supply your body with some water. Clearly, we do not recommend sodas in place of water. it doesn't promote health and wellness.

In all, plain water, infused water, sparkling water or tea from leaves and roots are the most recommended healthy beverages for you.

How much water should I be drinking?

In the real sense, the amount of water we all drink depends highly on the climate of the region we reside. Certain factors come into play when discussing how much water is ideal. During sports and in hot seasons, more water will be required daily. A person who resides in temperate regions will require more water because their levels of perspiration will be so high, and they will lose more body fluid faster than a person in a cold region.

Hand under running water

So for how much is okay, you should always listen to your body and its need for hydration. There is no fixed amount of daily water intake.

On average, For men up to 3.5 litres can be consumed and up to 2.5 litres in women. Very achievable when you take in bits. Two glasses before and after each meal and drink at intervals when you feel thirsty. You will be surprised how much you would have drunk by the end of the day. Ensure to always stay hydrated, listening to your body.

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